What’s this blog all about?

Hello everybody, and welcome to my blog!

Every week or so, I will be posting new material that I have been working on, feel free to comment or share.
Just as there are many different ethnicities, so there are many languages. I grew up in the Old-Believer faith and was taught as a young boy on how to read the Slavonic text. This has benefited me greatly and I cannot thank my parents enough. However, even though I can read it, often, I do not know what I am reading (perhaps you could relate). It is for this purpose I created this blog. Every Scripture reference I quote will be provided in three languages, English, Slavonic, and Russian, just click the link that is provided. My hope is that all that find themselves hungry for God will study these translations and find the harmony between them, and come to trust in them.

But more than this, the greater reason I have created this blog is for the incomparable greatness and glory of God. We exist for, and find our meaning in the One and only Living God that is most revealed in His Son, Jesus Christ. I have experienced this meaning and have devoted the rest of my life to glorifying Him, the One who saved me, gave me life, meaning, and purpose. So to this end I will labor.

I will sing to the Lord all of my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live  – Psalm 104:33

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